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01 Dec

The Benefits of Shared Office Spaces Compared to Leasing

WHY LEASE WHEN YOU CAN LODGE? It is hardly uncommon today for people with full-time jobs to have side businesses that monetise their passions; in fact, that’s how many successful entrepreneurs start off. From simple IT accessories or clothing trading sites to service-based ones like baking, freelance writing and even architecture, many from the working class are reaping the benefits of side income to supplement...

28 Feb

Employee Engagement Cheat Sheet!

Keeping an employee engaged is often considered as the hardest part of the job for most managers. As a leader, you are taking on the role to ensure a healthy growth curve for your team, and at the same time ensuring their emotional and mental needs are taken care of. So how do you keep your employees engaged? Here’s a simple cheat sheet for you....

28 Feb

Setting a New Year’s Resolution for your Business

A brand new year, a fresh new start! Yes, and what better time to set out goals and plans for your business in the coming days? By making a few adjustments and commitments, you can really transform your business! Here are some of the top resolutions that you should consider for 2017. 1. Identify how you can increase efficiency More often than not, we tend...

28 Feb

Better Together with Whitespace – Ricky Wong, Big Guns

This month on Better Together with Whitespace, we managed to catch up with Ricky Wong, Art Director, Big Guns – local Advertising and Designing firm. Yes, you read that right! BIG GUNS! Excited to find out more about him? We sure hope you are. Feel free to reach out to Ricky if you see yourself working closely with him to grow your business to even...

06 Feb

Better Together with Whitespace – Adam Smurthwaite, Bookfari

Before we get started, we just want to say, bookworms out there, this one is for you! So, we had an opportunity to sit down with one of our clients - Adam Smurthwaite from Bookfari for this month’s Better Together with Whitespace and here’s what we found out about him and Bookfari! Hey Adam, its great to have you here with us. Before we get...

04 Jan

The Entrepreneurial Journey from the eyes of Jason Chow

Last week, we sat down with the man himself – Jason Chow, Chief and Founder of Whitespace International and asked him to share a few words to all Whitespace customers as we usher in the New Year together. Did you know, Jason started his career as a Civil Engineer, where he worked in multinational engineering consultancies playing a key role in infrastructure and township development....

21 Dec

Christmas, A heartwarming celebration or a marketer’s gimmick?

Christmas, a heartwarming celebration or a marketer’s gimmick? We all look forward to the time of the year where shopping malls play that faint Christmas music on repeat, red and white decorations hanging over lit trees, and the smell of the warm fragrant Christmas delicacies fill the air. It is indeed a season to be jolly. What does Christmas mean to you? Does Christmas still...

22 Nov

Better Together with Whitespace – Gary Liew, Street Feeders

Better Together with Whitespace – Gary Liew, Street Feeders This month’s focus for Better Together with Whitespace is on local film producer and founder of local NGO, Street Feeders of KL – Gary Liew. Street Feeders KL, was formed by a group of like-minded friends in 2011, spear headed by Gary Liew with one simple aim – to change the world, one street at a...