Faces of Whitespace – Stephanie Chew, Relationship Manager.

You’ve probably seen and worked with most of our Whitespace staff over the years. This year, we thought it would be nice for us to help you get to know these faces even more. We sat with our Relationship Manager, Stephanie Chew and not only was the interview a breeze, we had a great time due to her bubbly character! So whenever you see her around, just chat her up! We assure you that you’ll have a great time.

Now, are you guys ready to find out more about her?







  • Hey Steph! Its nice to have you here with us today. Before we get started, share with us a little bit more about yourself.Sure. I started with Whitespace for a period of time back in 2010. I was then an Executive Business Administrator. After a period of time, I’ve decided to explore different industries to further hone my skillset. Upon gaining the experience I needed, I decided to come back to Whitespace as a Relationship Manager since February 2014.
  • Oh! Interesting fact! We sure are glad to have you back with us. Now, you mentioned that you are the Relationship Manager. Could you share more about your scope of work?As the job title says – I pretty much handle the A-Z with our clients. From all incoming enquiries, getting in touch with them for our KYC (Know Your Customer) process and connecting them to the best outlet suited to their business needs. I’m also predominantly involved in working closely with our Marketing team to ensure leads are consolidated as well as maintaining Whitespace standards in day to day operation by ensuring existing customer’s expectations are met as per Whitespace guidelines
  • OK, enough of the boring stuff. Let’s get to know you better, in one word – how would you describe yourself? I don’t think one word is enough describe myself but if I have to choose it will be ‘Reliable’. It has always been in my blood to be reliable – be it at work or at home. My family can always count on me to get things done and it’s the same feedback from everyone I know.
  • How is your journey so far with Whitespace?It has been a great learning curve for me at Whitespace, I enjoy working with the team very much and it has been great meeting all the different people that is/have been our customers.Getting to know different people from different industries and background is what keeps the job exciting. I don’t think I would be able to meet such a diverse group of people if I wasn’t working in Whitespace.
  • In your own words – how do you define Better Together with Whitespace and how would you bring it to life for your customers/clients.Better Together with Whitespace is a really good program where we connect our clients from one industry to another. We strongly believe that by cultivating a great co-working environment, not only will it create a healthier working environment for our clients; it will also help our client’s business grow leaps and bounds.I recently had an experience with one of my client who is in the food industry and he was telling me how Better Together has given him a chance to reach out to ‘Street Feeders Organization’ as they do have certain products that they can give away. This made me feel very proud of our program and it’s very rewarding to learn that our brainchild that was once an idea has successfully come to life.
  • So, you’ve been here for quite a long time. What is your most memorable/funny moment with Whitespace and/or its clients?My most memorable moment in Whitespace has got to be that time when I was in the middle of a conversation with a client, another client walks in and they actually know each other. I was then told that they choose Whitespace because the client I was speaking to recommended it to them. I then learnt that the same client told me that he has been recommending Whitespace to a lot of people he knew partly because of their experience working with.His kind comment and feedback has given me a very strong sense of satisfaction towards this job and has motivated me to put my 101% into the work I do.
  • Before we leave – in one sentence – share with us your ONE promise to your clients.My promise is always that I will deliver the best I can – by being simple, creative & brave – as well as make their experience with Whitespace an unforgettable one.


If you feel like reaching out to Stephanie to express your gratitude for her help thus far or just to get to know her even better, feel free to write to her at

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