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29 Aug

Shared & Co-working office VS Cafes

As a budding entrepreneur, you’ll soon realize that one of the biggest questions that you’ll face is finding the perfect space where you are able work productively as well as conduct professional meetings with your clients and team. We also understand that the first space that comes to mind when you read this article would be your friendly neighborhood café – however, is that really...

22 Aug

Better Together with Whitespace

Better Together with Whitespace It is exciting and exhilarating whenever we start something new – what more, your very own business, your own baby. There are so many things to consider – what would be the best way to ensure success for my business? Who should I have on my team? How do I ensure the best way to communicate my product/ services to the...

31 Mar

Whitespace Interview with Young Entrepreneurs! Maverick Foo of Plaseed Training & Consultancy

About Maverick Foo   Maverick Foo is a multi-talented individual with a knack for community building. In his corporate life, he is a Talent Development Consultant at Plaseed, a boutique talent development firm. In his personal life, he is co-founder of KICKSTART.MY, F*ckupNightsKL which gels the tech start scene together. He is a master connector and enjoys extensive experience in creating unique events. People who...

09 Mar

Social Media & Google Business Breakthrough Event

Everyone is going online. Everyone seems to be making money except your business. Yet, the money is in the search and the social. Why is this so? Now, join us for this one-time event where you will learn the insights and secrets to breaking the online code for business success. Discover: - Real reason why most websites fail in using Google advertising effectively - 3...

13 Apr

5 Tips to Increase Your Business Productivity

Perhaps the most important keyword in our business world today is sustainability. Too often we see businesses who operates so well, raking in millions of profits only to collapse overnight. As crucial it is to make money, it is even more to be able to sustain it, especially when faced with dynamic facets of the business arena today. 1. Never Ignore Your Customers One might...

13 Apr

6 Reasons Why A Serviced Office Is The Best for You

An uprising trend in the business world today is the move towards the utilization of serviced office as opposed to traditional long term leasing. A serviced office is the idea of a company renting out small spaces incorporating legal, secretarial, admin, IT and other resources on a short term basis; weekly, daily or even hourly to small businesses who sees no benefits in committing to...

13 Apr

How A Virtual Office Can Make You More Efficient

Are you starting a new business and unsure of how much to spend on startup? Do you want to test the sometimes turbulent waters of the business world first before you decide to sign on a long term office lease? Then virtual office might be the answer for you. A virtual office is a setup without physical office space where business owners and employees work...

17 Apr

Monetise your passion with Serviced office spaces

TURN YOUR HOBBY INTO MONEY Do you love your job? Did you set out to do what you were passionate about, rather than what was lucrative or convenient? All over the professional world, surveys are discovering that only thirty to forty percent of working professionals are in their dream jobs. Right now, many of you would probably be putting on the sceptic’s hat and go,...