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News & Articles

08 Apr

Networking Advantages Of Shared Business Spaces (Serviced Offices)

SHARED = SYNERGY All business owners on the path to entrepreneurship reach the expansion crossroads at one point or another – no capacity for new projects, no space for supplies and files, decisions to purchase expensive equipment to facilitate the processes. The natural next decision would be deciding between a serviced office space, or taking a bigger jump and leasing a business unit. Now, although...

03 Apr

Evolving Your Home Business

IS YOUR BUSINESS READY FOR THE NEXT LEVEL? More often than not, would-be entrepreneurs miss out on the vast potential that their home-grown businesses are capable of, for a very simple reason: the fear of expansion. However, there’s no running away from the fact that to truly get your business out of stagnancy, escape the rat race and become a full-fledged entrepreneur, expansion is essential....

31 Mar

Caveats When Sourcing For Shared (Serviced Offices) Business Spaces

The Right Shared (Serviced) Office For You All over the modern world, we’re witnessing a boom in the serviced office business space industry, and one can hardly deny that with any rising trend, there are bound to be opportunists capitalising on a piece of the pie by undercutting consumers. That’s why, for budding entrepreneurs looking to take their business to the next level, finding a...

16 Mar

The Benefits of Shared Office Spaces (Serviced Office) Compared to Leasing

WHY LEASE WHEN YOU CAN LODGE (Serviced Office)? It is hardly uncommon today for people with full-time jobs to have side businesses that monetise their passions; in fact, that’s how many successful entrepreneurs start off. From simple IT accessories or clothing trading sites to service-based ones like baking, freelance writing and even architecture, many from the working class are reaping the benefits of side income...

12 Feb

Fade To White

If you have been spending a lot of time meeting clients at coffee houses and restaurants, White Space's serviced office in Mont Kiara is the solution for you. Located in the vibrant business hub of Solaris Mont Kiara, White Space offers services like snail mail, dispatch and courier services, virtual office services, Business Administrator Assistance and even professional advice from lawyers, bankers and accountants. This...

16 Oct

Redefining your Office Space

The idea of a ‘shared’ office space is not new, but it is becoming popular worldwide with its cost saving benefits, motivated by the simple rule that every ringgit you save is a ringgit you make. With this in mind, White Space opened its first outlet at No. 1-3, Jalan Solaris 2, Solaris Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur more than a year ago, offering an all-in-one...

18 Aug

Workspace Solution for Small Businesses

White Space Sdn Bhd, an all-in-one workplace solution provider, plans to expand its boutique service offices beyond the Klang Valley next year, given the rising number of micro-businesses being set up nationwide. Executive director and co-founder Jason Chow says more young entrepreneurs are running businesses at home or in rented offices. However, the high office rentals in strategic locations the in city areas are always...

09 Aug

White Space expects to rope in more customers by year-end

Serviced office provider White Space Sdn Bhd expects to rope in more than 200 clients by year-end from only 50 now as demand for ready-to-use office space increases, especially among new entrepreneurs. Executive Director Leslie Jeyam said its maiden boutique business centre which was set up with a RM1.5 million investment is able to cater for a maximum of 350 customers, help companies save cost...