Better Together with Whitespace – Adam Smurthwaite, Bookfari

Before we get started, we just want to say, bookworms out there, this one is for you! So, we had an opportunity to sit down with one of our clients – Adam Smurthwaite from Bookfari for this month’s Better Together with Whitespace and here’s what we found out about him and Bookfari!

  • Hey Adam, its great to have you here with us. Before we get started, could you share a little bit more about yourself and how did you start with Bookfari?
  • For sure! I have been with Bookfari since 2012 to help them start up in this region. Once Bookfari was up and running, I’ve decided to venture into different industries to hone my skills further especially in the field of advertising and marketing. Now I am back as the Regional Manager and our goal is to expand our business further in this region.
    As a bookworm myself, I have always gravitated to the idea of instilling and spreading the habit of reading to everyone (I was once involved in New Hope Cambodia working as an English Teacher myself), so when the opportunity to start something new with Bookfari came up, I was beyond estatic.

  • Could you share a little bit more about Bookfari?
  • Bookfari is a global book trading company. It is a company that buys and sells both new and second hand books online, offline, wholesale, direct as well as through brick and mortar stores. Bookfari is an Australian-based company with intent to ensure people who love reading have access to great books.
    Our main clientele are Universities, Schools, Government, Book Sites, Book Stores, Wholesale buyers as well as Individuals like you and I.

  • You’ve been with Whitespace since August 2016. Share your experience with Whitespace thus far.
  • I have been with Whitespace for over 1 1/2 years and I really enjoyed the atmosphere working here. It’s simple, efficient and fun. The team is lovely and very helpful. And the great smiling team makes us feel very welcomed everyday.

  • What would you see improved in Whitespace?
  • I think the basic needs for every company to start off are already there. However, personally I would love for a fridge, microwave and kettle as well as more power outlets to help us grow in size in the near future!
    If feel that you have any business or working opportunity with Adam, let us know! We would be happy to connect you two together. And if you would like to be featured on Better Together with Whitespace for the upcoming months, please drop us an email at We would love to get to know you better!

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