Christmas, A heartwarming celebration or a marketer’s gimmick?

21 Dec

Christmas, A heartwarming celebration or a marketer’s gimmick?

Christmas, a heartwarming celebration or a marketer’s gimmick? We all look forward to the time of the year where shopping malls play that faint Christmas music on repeat, red and white decorations hanging over lit trees, and the smell of the warm fragrant Christmas delicacies fill the air. It is indeed a season to be jolly. What does Christmas mean to you? Does Christmas still...

22 Nov

Better Together with Whitespace – Gary Liew, Street Feeders

Better Together with Whitespace – Gary Liew, Street Feeders This month’s focus for Better Together with Whitespace is on local film producer and founder of local NGO, Street Feeders of KL – Gary Liew. Street Feeders KL, was formed by a group of like-minded friends in 2011, spear headed by Gary Liew with one simple aim – to change the world, one street at a...

19 Oct

Sharing is Success

The Science of Sharing Economy A couple of weeks ago, our chief and founder, Jason Chow was invited to share in a luncheon hosted by Owner’s Circle – a local start up with a mission to connect property owners with potential aspiring space owners – about the Rise of Sharing Economy. And that got us thinking. The term – Sharing Economy, summarizes Whitespace perfectly. Now...

19 Oct

Blood Sweat & Tears

Do you have what it takes to be an Entrepreneur? Let’s face it; everyone has big dreams of owning their own business - becoming their own boss and waving the days of working for someone else goodbye. But does everyone have what it takes to be an Entrepreneur? It is after all, not that simple to leave the comfort and safety of having a monthly...

06 Oct

Better Together with Whitespace – Jonathan Cheong, Spot Response

A couple of months back, Whitespace has kick started our latest campaign – Better Together with Whitespace, spearheading a strong community of entrepreneurs to connect great minds like yourself to achieving better results together. Today, we managed to catch up with one of them and hear from their own words on how it has been for them being with Whitespace so far. Please meet Jonathan...

29 Aug

Being an Entrepreneur in Malaysia – Brilliance or Suicide?

  Joel Neoh, Kaylie Ng, Benjamin Yoong – are only a handful of many household names with long lists of successes under their belt that this nation has ever produced. As the Merdeka celebration dawned upon us, all of us at Whitespace thought it would be apt for us to focus on the what does it mean to be an entrepreneur in Malaysia.   1....

29 Aug

Shared & Co-working office VS Cafes

As a budding entrepreneur, you’ll soon realize that one of the biggest questions that you’ll face is finding the perfect space where you are able work productively as well as conduct professional meetings with your clients and team. We also understand that the first space that comes to mind when you read this article would be your friendly neighborhood café – however, is that really...

22 Aug

Better Together with Whitespace

Better Together with Whitespace It is exciting and exhilarating whenever we start something new – what more, your very own business, your own baby. There are so many things to consider – what would be the best way to ensure success for my business? Who should I have on my team? How do I ensure the best way to communicate my product/ services to the...

31 Mar

Whitespace Interview with Young Entrepreneurs! Maverick Foo of Plaseed Training & Consultancy

About Maverick Foo   Maverick Foo is a multi-talented individual with a knack for community building. In his corporate life, he is a Talent Development Consultant at Plaseed, a boutique talent development firm. In his personal life, he is co-founder of KICKSTART.MY, F*ckupNightsKL which gels the tech start scene together. He is a master connector and enjoys extensive experience in creating unique events. People who...

13 Apr

6 Reasons Why A Serviced Office Is The Best for You

An uprising trend in the business world today is the move towards the utilization of serviced office as opposed to traditional long term leasing. A serviced office is the idea of a company renting out small spaces incorporating legal, secretarial, admin, IT and other resources on a short term basis; weekly, daily or even hourly to small businesses who sees no benefits in committing to...