Christmas, A heartwarming celebration or a marketer’s gimmick?

Christmas, a heartwarming celebration or a marketer’s gimmick?

We all look forward to the time of the year where shopping malls play that faint Christmas music on repeat, red and white decorations hanging over lit trees, and the smell of the warm fragrant Christmas delicacies fill the air. It is indeed a season to be jolly. What does Christmas mean to you? Does Christmas still hold the same meaning it had, today? Or has the meaning of Christmas long changed?

Many may argue that the meaning Christmas has long become just a commercial celebration and this is a product of marketers who have overtime, shaped the minds of people. Let’s be honest, with the long awaited, heart-warming Christmas commercials to the crazy-worldwide phenomenon of Black Friday and Boxing Day sales – is Christmas just a marketer’s gimmick?

To us, it is pretty much a chicken and egg situation. Christmas is a successful marketer’s gimmick for the idea of what Christmas truly means – a heartwarming celebration where family and friends come together, but at the same time – it is undeniable that marketers play a huge role in instilling the Christmas spirit in us. To understand this, let’s see why exactly is Christmas such key holiday for all Marketers?

  • It is the end of the year

Regardless whether it is Christmas or not, it is the end of the year and it is the time to wind down and reap the fruits sown. Massive influx of company dinners at expensive restaurants as well as air ticket sales to holiday destinations and hotel bookings proved this to be true.

  • Family & Friends

To many family and friends is everything. While some may give as a Christmas tradition passed down from one generation to the other, to some gift giving is simply a way to show their thanks and love for all that has been given to them in the past year.

  • Reflect & Celebrate

As it is the end of the year, it is time for us to reflect and be grateful. Many take this opportunity to celebrate the good and bad things that one has gone through.

With these insights in mind – marketers are merely just taking a ride on the consumer behavior, in hopes to drive more sales. So is Christmas just a marketer’s gimmick? We don’t believe so. We believe that the spirit of Christmas, regardless marketer’s efforts, will remain warm and joyous as it is.

What about you? What does Christmas mean to you?

Regardless the argument, all of us here at Whitespace would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It’s been a great journey with you in the past year and here’s to an even better year to come. See you in 2017!

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