Employee Engagement Cheat Sheet!

Keeping an employee engaged is often considered as the hardest part of the job for most managers. As a leader, you are taking on the role to ensure a healthy growth curve for your team, and at the same time ensuring their emotional and mental needs are taken care of.
So how do you keep your employees engaged? Here’s a simple cheat sheet for you.

1. The Onboarding Process
The Onboarding Process is often taken for granted by most employers, however, this process is vital as it forms employee’s very first impression of the company and team that they are working with. So take this opportunity to jumpstart engagement.

Assign new employees with a buddy from another group or department and help them integrate themselves into the team. This will allow employees a chance to get to know coworkers outside their immediate work group and help foster cross team communication down the road. Also, this person will be act as a confidant to the employee on questions that he/she may feel uncomfortable asking their managers or team members.

2. Encourage Socializing
Sporty Tuesdays, Wild Wild West Wednesdays and Easy-going Fridays – create activities and themed engagements to get conversations started amongst colleagues. Host a monthly townhall/party where employees are given a half day off to socialize with one another or even a weekly café hopping session with the team.

Encourage your team to spend time together in a fun and relaxed environment. This will lead to better teamwork with more effective communication and increased job satisfaction.

3. Break Down Walls
Breaking down walls go beyond just design your office to be a brightly lit, open office. While that may be vital, it is also important for you to cultivate an open environment for your team to grow.

Break down age-old stigmas like job title speaks louder than ideas or age determines the level of experience. Encourage an open communication amongst everyone in your team. If your employees are worried about their ideas/opinions being frowned upon, you can start by having ideas anonymously submitted via an idea box.

4. Allow Room for Mistakes
Everyone make mistakes. You have made them before and your employees will make them as well. So instead of trying to limit the mistakes from happening through punishments, why don’t you try encouraging it?

It is only through mistakes that we will learn. So by encouraging your team to make mistakes, rest on the fact that they are learning. Also, as you allow room for making mistakes, your team will be less stifled in creating solutions for your business.

5. Celebrate People
We are sure that by now you know how important it is to recognize the employees for a job well done. This will lead to employees feeling valued and motivated to do their job better. However, there is a difference between recognizing the person instead of their work accomplishments.

How often do you compliment your employee by saying “You’re great, John”, instead of “Great job, John”? Both are compliments, however, the essence is different.

Also don’t forget to go beyond just recognizing your people for milestones at work; like birthdays, graduations, weddings etc.

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