The Entrepreneurial Journey from the eyes of Jason Chow

articleLast week, we sat down with the man himself – Jason Chow, Chief and Founder of Whitespace International and asked him to share a few words to all Whitespace customers as we usher in the New Year together.

Did you know, Jason started his career as a Civil Engineer, where he worked in multinational engineering consultancies playing a key role in infrastructure and township development. He later ventured into the corporate world where he took on leadership roles with multinational companies such as Maxis Communication Bhd, Citigroup Corporate Bank and Darul Seroja.

Because of his love for the real estate industry, Jason believes that the age-old industry has tremendous potential to be reformed. With that in mind, Whitespace International was founded. His mission was to redefine the idea of professional space by providing business owners with a one-stop office solution to allow them to focus on what matters most – building their business at an affordable price. 7 years down the road, he is more confident than ever about the future of Whitespace.

After all these years, Jason has learned a thing or two about entrepreneurship. We asked him to share his thoughts and some key takeaway from his Entrepreneurial Journey that might be helpful for budding entrepreneurs. Here’s what he has to say.

  1. Power of Connections

The entrepreneur journey is never a lonely one. In fact, it is exactly the opposite. From the people who believe in your dreams to the professionals with whom you develop a mutual relationship in driving your business forward, clients/customers who turned close family friends. You will realize that people play a huge role in making your journey a memorable one.

Not only are they there to support your dreams, the diversity in ideas will help you realize them faster and more effectively. Spreading your network wide also increases your chances of driving sales. Who knows, your next friend might be the one who gives you the opportunity to earn your first pot of gold?

Understanding this, we have recently launched Better Together with Whitespace. BT is a campaign driven solely with the mission to promote a more cohesive working environment for our customers. Get to know our customers as we feature them on a monthly basis. If you would like to get involved, please reach out to the Whitespace team.

  1. Focus on your Niche

Friends who know me, know that I always quote the ingenious Warren Buffett, “Focus on your core, outsource the rest”. Whitespace exists to provide our customers a one-stop solution, taking care of all the nitty-gritty of a business, without taking away your focus on what truly matters – growing your business, at an affordable price.

That is what we do as well in Whitespace. We work closely with our partners whenever it comes to driving the business forward. We believe that entrusting our business to people, who has the experience and specialty in a specific field, enables us to focus fully on constantly improvising and improving our products and services to ensure customer satisfaction.

  1. Learn to embrace failure

Failure is inevitable. So, fail fast and fail often. This is because the more you fail, the more you will learn from your mistakes and that will give you an upper hand from others who have never encountered your circumstances.

There is nothing to lose from failing but everything to gain. So the next time you hit a roadblock – chin up, shoulders squared and march on. Know that you walk away richer with money-cant-buy knowledge and experience.

  1. Stop thinking of your wallet

Starting a business is not always about the money. It is a misconception that most people have. The moment you stop thinking about your wallet is when you start thinking about your business and what it means beyond that – brand, product, legacy.

Money is a short-term motivator but passion is what keeps you going. Make sure you don’t feed on the wrong fuel.

  1. It’s a journey – not a destination

As cliché as this sound, it is true. Though Whitespace is now 7 years old, we still have a long way to go. And as weary as it may seem at times, looking back at our journey, we have learned so much. I personally would not change anything in the past years. It was the ups and downs that we’ve had as a team that gives us strength and confidence for the bright future of Whitespace.

Focus on the little victories that you have everyday. Those victories will mean more than the end goal.


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